Process mapping book written by Nakatindi Chalansi

How To Improve Customer Experience and Increase Profitability In a Post-Covid World.




This book will transform your whole perspective about process mapping, giving you the ability to understand the critical role that processes provide in shaping corporate strategy, contributing to profitability, and sustaining high performance in your own organisation.

Invest in the Complete Process Mapping Guide

Six Sigma has long been a trusted method and approach to improving organisational structure, process mapping and other techniques. It is an all-encompassing approach that helps businesses improve current practices and processes to become more efficient, cost-effective and increase profitability, especially post-COVID.


This book serves as the ultimate guide to managers and leaders so that they can learn order process mapping, learn how to make organisational changes as management, and generate better outcomes for their organisations.


Learn how to build better, stronger, and more efficient teams, get more out of your existing members, and overcome structural and organisational inadequacies. Learn all this through our Process Mapping training book, using Six Sigma principles which promise to deliver knowledge that has been developed by some of the leading experts in the field. The book also works for BPMN process mapping notations and shares how you can implement real, organisational change at various points. Your existing structure may have gaps you are not sure how to address, and our Process Mapping Guide using Six Sigma techniques, which come in PDF to offer free Process Map diagrams. The publication is available in paperback and electronic download from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and major retailers.


If you’re managing a team, running a department, or want to learn how to be more efficient at your job, this book is just what you need. Invest in it today and learn some of the most important lessons in the trade.


LEARN to quickly document processes and requirements for project success by using simple yet advanced innovative techniques


Shape your organisational structure to better align with the company objectives and processes that are critical success factors in helping your business achieve its objectives


Ensure your organisation is spending time on the right activities that are adding value, linked to the corporate strategy and contributing to customer satisfaction, profitability and company growth

I wrote this book to introduce new ways of executing successful projects.
The idea came about when I couldn't find any publications on Amazon or book stores to describe the how to map processes. Process information is available on the internet but it's scattered and can be very difficult to compile and follow. Because of Covid-19 all companies have been forced to transform, and this book provides some practical guides on implementing change at a small or global scale.
The goal is to help companies change their business operations for increasing their market share, customer base, cost reduction and increase profitability.

Discover how process mapping can help you with:

  • Corporate strategy

  • Process re-engineering

  • Customer journeys

  • Customer experience

  • Digital technology

  • Profitability

Process Management Generates Real Results!

  • 3M made savings of approximately $30M per year by applying six-sigma to their manufacturing activities

  • Starbucks reduced their order waiting times using lean six sigma

  • Dell EMC obtained $2M savings per year for invoice processes and quote generations

These 2021 global brands have achieved extensive cost reduction and improved their customer satisfaction using some of the processes found in this book. 

Order your copy today.

Meet The Author

Nakatindi Chalansi gained her MBA at Strathclyde Business School and has since spent over fifteen years working on highly successful business transformation programmes with global corporations such as British Petroleum, Shell Trading, Scottish Southern and Electric, BNP Paribas, Centrica and Drax Group...

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