About Nakatindi

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Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the experience of reading books and the transformation they can make in our lives.


This book came about because I discovered a concrete-formulae widely known as process mapping; a simple technique, one that's extensively under-utilised on programmes and generally throughout many organisations.


My goal in life is continuous learning in a professional capacity or a social context. I’m really passionate about knowledge and how my experience can bring about solving problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What made you choose a career in business consultancy?

My father was an Economist for a commercial retail bank, and from a young age I was inspired by him to work in corporate finance. The other career interest I had was political science.


I then decided to start my career in finance, then transitioned into business consultancy because I was passionate about business transformation, mostly about improving corporate strategy and business operating models.  My mother studied social sciences at university, and she was tremendous at supporting my career choices.


Studying for my MBA has helped me acquire that big picture thinking and strategic mindset towards solving complex problems, using creative innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

How did you progress in your consultancy career?

I improved my knowledge and skills by taking courses in business analysis, business consultancy, business change, process modelling, six sigma, project management, SQL and many others.


The essence was to acquire theoretical problem solving techniques to apply in real life scenarios.


To expand my commercial expertise, I read numerous books on business transformation topics. I found that I was easily able to understand business operating models by learning about business processes.


For practical experience, I worked on industry-leading transformation projects and that gave me solid leadership skills of working in fast paced constantly changing environments. I also had great managers that supported my career and mentors that helped me navigate my career path.


Because I was passionate about the Energy sector, I was specific about the companies and industries that I worked for.

What are your favourite hobbies and interests outside work?

I love travelling, going to the beach, vineyards, libraries, art galleries, and I'm  passionate about photography.

I am interested in political history,
historical landmarks, architecture, learning about different cultures, and most importantly, the outdoors with family and friends.


I have recently started painting and I have to admit the whole experience has exceeded my expectations! It’s so wonderful because I’m using
different parts of my brain and I’m coming up with so many great ideas.




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