Nakatindi Chalansi - Improve Customer Experience and Increase Profitability in a Post-Covid World

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Process Mapping helps businesses tackle their performance and profitability issues in a post-pandemic world.

Struggling to find any publications and literature on mapping processes, Strathclyde Business School graduate Nakatindi Chalansi takes it upon herself to help resolve strategic, performance and profitability issues for businesses in the post-covid world.

Based in the United Kingdom, Nakatindi Chalansi was inspired by her father to work in corporate finance. Watching him work as an economist at a commercial retail bank, Nakatindi found her passion at a young age.

With both parents supporting her career choices, she soon made great strides to further her career and eventually found an opportunity in business consultancy. Again, her educational background, skills, strategic mindset, and entrepreneurial thinking became the stepping stones for her success.

After years of work in the industry and helping corporate giants like British Petroleum, Shell Trading, Scottish Southern, Centrica, and Drax Group transform their businesses, Nakatindi Chalansi wanted to share her knowledge and problem-solving skills to help other companies improve corporate strategy, customer experience, and increase profitability. Her book, Process Mapping, teaches readers how to manage a team, run a department, and be more efficient at their jobs. It’s a complete guide to corporate success for businesses and individuals wanting to innovate their careers.

When speaking about her book, Nakatindi Chalansi said:

My goal is to help business owners achieve success and increased efficiency in new ways. I have published my book so people can take advantage of my knowledge and expertise to further their gains. When I was struggling to find and follow the information on mapping processes, I knew something had to be done to help others and make this knowledge more accessible."

"I could not wait for someone else to do it, so I started working on it on my own, and after years of research and writing, I've finally compiled everything about process mapping in my book," she added.

Nakatindi Chalansi likes to travel in her free time, go to the beach, vineyards, libraries, and art galleries. She is also interested in political history, historical landmarks, architecture, learning about different cultures.

About Nakatindi Chalansi

Based in the UK, Nakatindi Chalansi made a career and name for herself in the business consultancy world. She has always been passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences to resolve business and organisational problems. Her book ‘Process Mapping’ helps business owners and employees improve their performance and profitability.

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