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By Nakatindi Chalansi

Growth and Profitability for Long Term Sustainable Success

Profitability is company revenue deducting expenses to generate a positive return. This book demonstrates how business process maximisation reduces costs and increases company profitability over a projected timeframe.

Process Management is one of the fundamental reasons some companies are more competitive than others. The technique of documenting company activities to understand the current operations correctly and planning how the business will operate is critical for any business transformation.

Process Management starts with the big picture thinking about the company in the short term, medium term, and longer time frame. How a company can adapt quickly to the external environment is governed by how well its processes have been managed and measured for sustainable management and business growth.

Cost reduction in headcount and the organisational design is paramount for understanding the structure, technology, and processes underpinned to manage the business functions.


Here is a list of established global brands that employ six sigma and other process methodology techniques.


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