My aim is to help individuals and organisations at beginners, intermediate or advanced levels solve their project management, business analysis, and business readiness problems.

Companies Nakatindi has worked with

British Petroleum         BNP Paribas           Shell Trading         Drax        SSE        Centrica

My Business Transformation Philosophy:

“Any company can execute successful projects or programmes if they use the right tools and apply results driven frameworks.”

Which is why I bring to you results driven engineered templates to help you start your project and programme management transformation journey



Download the Project Management, Business Analysis and Readiness Templates, regardless of where you are on the transformation journey from beginners, those at intermediate level, or advanced.

Introducing the first tried and trusted results engineered Project and Programme Management Tool Kit!

We offer resources that transform your perspective on strategy thinking and handling of developing new ideas when completing the templates for your project. Our dream is to contribute in areas of project and programme management, advanced techniques helping professionals execute their business plans and programme more effectively.


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Process Mapping Book aims to elevate your corporate management and project management skills to new unexplored heights.

The book emphasises about how improving process mapping contributes to customer experience and establishing a profitable footprint in a competitive market.

What You Will Learn

Corporate strategy

Customer experience

Process re-engineering

Digital technology

Customer journeys

Risk & Profitability



Order Business Case Templates 


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The Standard Business Case is designed to help professionals to easily complete the main and supporting Templates with ease and competence.

It’s the technique and framework which enables the reliable and accurate information documented to enable the Business Case to be Approved.

What Templates You Will Obtain

Standard and Simple Business cases

Analysis Appraisal







Business Case


Buy Business Requirements Templates 


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The Business Requirements and User Story Templates are
created for new beginners, middle level, and advanced
Business Analysts or Business Consultants.

The goal is the accurate capture of business needs on Agile
and Waterfall projects to achieve positive return on
investment. Without accurate business requirements or user stories the project simply fails.

What Templates You Will Obtain

Standard Business
Requirements P/Point Pack

Product Backlog Items / User Stories P/Point Pack

Standard Business
Requirements Word

Standard Business
Requirements Excel

Product Backlog Items /
User Stories Excel Pack

Stakeholder Analysis and
Workshop Tracker


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The Business Readiness Templates focuses on providing a
checklist to ensure the project team deliver expectations
and the business has the right resources to implement the
business changes.

The templates provide a map or guide of what information is required to achieve a successful business change. The
Business Readiness framework facilitates project success.

What Templates You Will Obtain

Standard Business
Readiness P/Point Pack

Standard Business
Requirements Word

Business Readiness Risk Assessment

Current & Future State Organisational Structure

Business Readiness Plan and Stakeholder Analysis

Training and Access Documentation and Go-Live Assessments